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Well, as mentioned I got my Backwoods Miniatures kit on the occasion of my fiftieth anniversary. The next few days I spent drooling over the kit and studying the manual.

In the first days I found that the manual was very complete and in depth but hard to read. Small letters and unordered and unnumered instructions made it hard to use. So I scanned it all and made my own version of it: NGG16 Backwoods manual. Feel free to read it. I intend to document the building process on this site so the photos and text will refer to the respective chapters and numbers in the manual.

The complete kit

One of three brass etch plates: main frame, driver's cab, cylinders.

Two of three: insides of bunkers, foot plates of both driver units

Three of three: Outsides of bunkers.

Nickel silver etch plate. Drive rods and valve gear, frame plates and (right) pivot of the drive untis.

Boiler and smokebox

Mashima motors and srews, tow sets per kit

Brass castings

More brass castings






Wheels and axles for the drivers, and carrying wheel sets

White metal castings

Gears and brass bushings

Various small parts, stanchions, bushings, bolts and screws

In all the kit contains about 530 parts!! Quality looks pretty good, far better than the well known DJH kits.