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NBDS 118-119

The manual

With the kit came an impressive 47 A4 pages manual, supplemented with another six page livery instruction. That distincts this kit as the one with the most elaborate manual so far. A far cry from the four A3 pages exploded views and no text "manual" of the DJH kit of the NS 5000 (ex-WD 2-8-0) I was building around the time I acquired the NBDS kit.

For foreign builders unfortunate, the entire manual is in Dutch. That is logical thing as very few foreign builders might want to acquire and build this kit. If any one might wish to do so I would be happy to assist with translation into English or German.


Even this manual could be improved. The description of the tender gave rise to a lot of confusion.

  • The NBDS-loco can be built in two ersion: with a six-wheeled and with an eight-wheeled tender.
  • Then you can start with two different Roco models: the newer models with a single worm gear and the older models with a double worm gear.
  • Finally there three choises for the motor: retain the original Roco motor, or exchange it for a Mabuchi or a Mashima motor.

All in all you have three different versions. The manual refers to the six-wheeld version again and again while decribing the eight-wheeled version, forgetting to mention however which parts are not applicable. And the variant introduced by the Roco versions and motor options lead to many conditional statements like "if you have this Roco version" or "if you choose this motor option". This all makes the original manual a rather difficult thing to read for a linear person like me. After three uncomprehended attempts to read the manual I decided to throw all the texts together and make one (chrono)logical story of it for my own use. This adapted manual for building the tender is consequently only written

  • for an eight-wheeld tender,
  • based on the Roco single worm version,
  • receiving a Mashima motor.

The differences are not that big by the way. I have grabbed the opportunity to number the instructions, making following progress easier.