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NBDS 118-119

Inventory of the kit

The kit comes in the typical MK Modelbouwstudio style box. Not as sturdy as the JDH box but certainly good enough. The various parts were well packed and protected.

A bag with resin cast parts for the locomotive proper. The detailling of the resin parts is crisp and clear. I found remarkably few and cetrainly no disturbing bubbles. Flash is little but will need some rework.

The tender resin parts, inside frame side panels and superstructure.

The weight for the tender. As the tender will house the drive, this weight is all important.

Etch with various small parts. There is little soldering on this kit. I regret that as I like soldering as one of the nicest things in the hobby.

Brass tender frame reinforcement

Again various brass parts,now turned or cast. Handrail knobs, lamps etc. Much to my surprise I found another tender frame.

Four sets of tender wiels and one running wheelset. The original BR 57 wheels will be used as driver sets.

Lettering and lining.

More lettering

Number and factory plates voro both numbers 118 and 119.

The mandatory set of small wire that every self-respecting modeller has in ample supply.