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Fairlie Merddin Emrys

4. Manual

Merddin Emrys' construction is very well documented on the CD in the box. The manuals are also available from EDM Models, but for your information I have them also contained on my website for the superstructure as well as the power bogies



I am accustomed to work my way through the manual on the computer and while doing so I reorganise it the way I like it:

  • one line per work instruction,
  • the work instructions clearly numbered 
  • and a clear relationship between the text and the pictures.

In the process I also acquaintence myself with the manual.


I have made the results available for your convenience

Additions, comments, feedback is appreciated.


The number in brackets [xx] that I wil use in the further project description on this site refer to the numbered instructions in these restructructured manuals.