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Fairlie Meddin Emrys

3. Inventory of the kit

In December 2014 I orderred this kit. The website of EDM Models told me to expect about a month for delivery but it took only ten days or so, so quite unexpected there was this birthday present on my doorstep.

The kit came in a fairly (forgive me the pun) large plastic box and it was extremely well wrapped against all hardships of the shipping. The large box means that you don't have to go to great pains to repack the kit once you have opened it.

The first thing that meets the eye is a CD that contains a lot of documentation on the model and its prototype. The building manual goes into great depth. It does not explain the things that are the realm of general skills. Don't expect a section "how to solder without scorching your brows". But it does describe all the relevant steps in detail and as far I can see now in the correct order.

Next thing notable is that there are no white metal parts and very few etched brass parts. All sheet parts are from nickel silver, all casting are brass. Ther is just one tiny sheet of brass etchings, which contains only those parts that made from brass on the prototype.

The etched sheet look neat and accurate, and are very well packed indeed. Parts in the etched sheet are all provided with an etched number beside them on the fret. Well done, again!

The box in which the kit arrives

The CD

The bag with the etches

Various material

This bag also contains some othet materials. From left to right:

  • rods of various diameters
  • wire and some rods (in the left most bag)
  • BA nuts and bolts
  • brass pins


The only brass etch fret contains the window sills and the name and builder's plates.

Then follow four nickel etches. The CD contains a list of all parts and all numbers.

The last fret is part empty as some have been taken out and pre-bent

Like the firebox - boiler top and two boiler sections

The cab's rooftop

And the cab's side sheet, the boiler barrel's top and the bunker tops.

Another bag contains all the essentials for the bogies/ Motors, axles, journals, wheels and gears.

The wheels have the correct pattern

One bag with brass castings contains the brass parts for the bogies, among which the crossheads, the cilinder covers and the grease pumps.


Two more bags of goodies concluded this quick look in the kit's box. First impression: more than excellent.