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Fairlie Merddin Emrys

Project Fairlie Merddin Emrys in 7mm

Merddin Emrys is an articulated steam locomotive of the Fairlie-type.  

My wife bought me a 7mm kit of Merddin Emrys both to celebrate my 56th birthday as well as the end of a reconstruction of our house.She bought me the kit from the EDM Models O gauge range in early 2015.  At that time I still had three other projects to complete: SHM26, NS6228 and AD6006. So it wasn't until the opening weeks of 2016 that I actually started to build.


This is my first venture into 7mm scale. I previously completed a model of the NGG16 in OOn9. Though very happy with the result I also found that the loco was small if not to say diminutive for the amount of hours I had spent building it. And this was the largest two foot gauge loco in the world! Any other would be smaller. In hindsight I regretted I had not built this model in 7mm and I resolved to do just that if I would ever build a Fairlie. In 2014 I stumbled upon EDM's website and the matter was swiftly resolved.

About this build's description

Throughout this project's building description I will be using two types of numbers

(nn) refer to numbered parts on the etches.

[nn] refer to the numbered instructions in the restructructured manuals for power bogies and superstructure.

Status of the project

2 February 2018

Constuction has been completed, next phase is painting and lining

While I am investigating the painting I temporarily stored the model in my display cabinet next to her OO9 WHR colleague NGG16 no 87

5 January 2018

The project has now entered the stage were I am checking if I have completed all work and where I draw up a list of remaining construction work. As soon as this list is completed painting will begin.

Most of the detailing is done, some parts are in store boxes only to be attached after painting and lining.

24 January 2017

Main construction is now complete. Let the detailing begin!

Driver's side

Firemans's side

January 16, 2017

On its wheels for the very first time, just for the sake of the photo, but I couldn't resist

January 8,2017

We slipped into the new year and after a week away I took up the Fairlie again in the last remaining before I am to resume my professional work again.

Work on the boiler has started and has progressed until the fabrication of the smokeboxes (instruction [135])

December 29, 2016

Aprons and tanks tack-soldered and carefully measured.

December 28, 2016

Aprons and tanks completed, ready for assembly

December 23, 2016

Two bogies completed

December 11, 2016

The protracted summer and (positive) domestic issues kept me well away from modelling but when autumn finally chased the high temperatures away I resumed work. By now I have complete the first power bogie, except for some minor detailing. I am currently working on the second bogie.

8 January 2016

We have a first frame set!

1 January 2016

Some preparatory work is underway to get the project going. SHM26, NS6228 are finished, the AD6006 nearly so. I have begun studying the manual and organising things for the project start.

January 2015

Just bought the loco and the inventory was made. For now it is stored until I have finished the other projects.

For now a photo of the completed model as contained in the instruction CD will have to suffice