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LTM 51 in 1:43.5

Inventory of the kit

As mentioned this "kit" is developed privately and not commercially available, although I suspect that the makers will consider any reasonable offer. The artwork is impressive because every effort has been made to make the etches as perfect as possible, without the pressure of commercial restrictions

The sheets

Boiler cradle, etched in 0.5 mm brass sheet. Click image to enlarge.

The drive unit superstructure (left), etched in 0.5 mm nickel silver.
The frames (right), laser cut in 0.7 mm nickel silver.
Both sheets are supplied twice with each set. Click image to enlarge.

Running board surfaces and number plates, etched 0.2 mm brass sheet. Click image to enlarge.

A detail shot of the number plates. On top a ruler with a millimeter scale. Click image to enlarge.

List of parts to be purchased

This is a preliminary list