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LTM 51 in O

Introduction - LTM 51

The weird and wonderful of life

Sometimes you make plans and all goes well. Then life takes over and teaches you to expect the unexpected. That is exactly how this project came to be. In the history of the LTM 51 I go into detail about that story, but in short: in 2019 I had obtained the etches of a 1:87 version of the LTM 51 in a weird and wonderful way. That in turn sparked the development of the same in O gauge (1:43.5) in 2020. Again I obtained a set of etches in 2020. So I will be building the LTM 51 in two different scales. I have never imagined that in my wildest dreams. I am endebted to Johan, Frits, Ed and John who made this possible.


Status of the project

17 November 2020

I visited Ed and received a set of seven etched and laser cut sheets. I am currently building the 1:87 version of the same loco. Until that project is finished the etches will be stored. In the meantime I will do research, follow Frits' progress and will obtain the 3D printed parts and other commercially available parts.