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My primary interest are kits of articulated steam locomotives from all over the world or Dutch steam locomotives. So buying a LNER C2 Atlantic is a bit off. So it has a story. My German railway friend spotted this kit emerging on eBay with successive lower prices. He drew my attention to it and he sparked my interest. The kit was not in my primary interests, but I have had weak spot for Atlantics for quite some time. When it finally appeared for €95 I made an offer for €60. This offer was duly accepted and funded so a few days later I was the proud owner of this kit. Not a bad price. The kit was advertised as "used" because some of the plastic bags had been openend, but as far as I could quickly determine, the kit is complete. Not a bad price considering the kit also contained the wheelsets, which together would have cost me a good €260 when bought new from DJH.

I am not sure if I wil ever build it though will just see.

Current status

18 May 2019

For now it is safely stored.