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Introduction - Brigadelok

The Brigadelok has been in my field of interest for a long time for several reasons. First it is a semi-articuled design with its Klien-Lindner radially adjustable axles. In fact I think with 2,573 members built I think the Brigadelok was by far the most numerous class of Klien Lindners. Another reason for my interest is the fact that it was built for the war effort. Both World Wars intrigue me and I am keen to read about it. So war locomotives and war railways have attracted my attention. And last and certainly not least I simply like the loco's design, its simple, unassuming and functional build.

Action on the military railway Radomir – Marino Pole in Bulgaria, 1916-1917, Public Domain. Source: WikiPedia.

I have long been aware of the existence of an excellent kit available from LocosnStuff. After the demise of Backwoods Miniatures from whom I had several kits on my wish list and several other kist which were suddenly out of stock or simply dicontinued I came to the realisation that that the home grown kit market is an ooportunity market: buy it while stock lasts, there is no tomorrow, kits do not last forever and you ca not take a new production run for granted. After all it is a small niche market. So wanting this odel anyway I decided to buy it and stock it for now (2021).

Current status


25 February 2021

The kit has been photographed for the inventory page and then stored. I won't be building this model any time soon as other projects have priority.