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BR 99 (VI K)

Rebuilding the frame

Well, the underbody did not require as much attention as the superstructure. I started out with re-attaching the air tank.

I glued it with epoxy as I was afraid of disturbing the glued parts of the buffer beam by the heat of soldering.

Then I attached pipe to the air tank
This pipe is very bendy so only at the third attempt I got it right. It is attached in a hybrid method. It is soldered to frame parts at the right hand side on the photo, below the water tank, and it is epoxy glued on and into the air tank.
Finally I installed an ultra short pipe between the air pump and the air tank. I glued it into the air tank but left it free at the pump side. This is a place were the underbody separates form the superstructure.

The trick of the brake shoes

Attaching the brake shoes proved to be a pain. Soldering proved impossible, the solder just would not flow into the notches in the gear cover.

Glueing makes it difficult to position all brake shoes so that there is no short circuit and an even spacing. I came up with a simple trick. I curled a strip of styrene, 1 mm wide and 0.3 mm thick and cut eight pieces to length.

I glued them to the inside of the brake shoes with simple household glue .
Next I installed then with epoxy on the loco, one side at a time. The shims of styrene ensured an even spacing and also adequate room to prevent shorts.
After the epoxy had set, I removed the styrene pieces. As I used simple household glue with only a little bit of adhesive power they came away without a struggle.