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BR 99 (VI K)

Original condition

Once at home I could take some good time to study the loco. This is how I got it


In general the loco looks well built so I feel confident that it can be turned into a little gem after all.

But there is quite some work in this little girl
  • Some parts have come off. These need minor repair.
  • Another issue will be that all pipes have been glued bluntly to the surface of their respective valves and joints. If they come off I will have to find a way to drill them before soldering them back in place. That also means that these pipes will be a tad too short once the holes are drilled.
  • The big problem is however the black paint. It is rough and ugly. So rough in fact that you can actually feel the grain and particles of your skin remain on the paint when you rub it.

A close up of the dome reveals the grainy texture of the paint

And likewise does this shot of the water tank