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Real steam

Real Steam

Steam has held my fascination since my early days. We were camping in Limburg an der Lahn for a day or so on our way to Switzerland. O wow, it must been back in 1970. We were camping
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just on the water front of the Lahn as on the other side of the water a giant thing came thundering by with a rake of coaches. It tilted so nicely in the gentle curve. The setting sun shone on its majestic side, spokes wheels glimmering, drive rods flashing. I was deeply impressed. More than that: the image was etched into my very soul. "What is that?", I remember asking my father. I had never in my life seen a steam locomotive. "The gerries still have steam", my father sneered. I ignored his disdain. Many more trains followed during our very short stay there, it may have been for just one night, my memory is not so clear on that. But anyhow, everytime one passed I was out on the field to watch it. I didn't realise it then, but I was hooked for life.


Only a year later the seed that was sown butted and I decided I wanted to have a model railroad. And steam never went away. My first railroad set contained a very poor depiction of the Prussian T3 (Minitrix) and the first real steam locomotive was the very one I had seen speeding by in Limburg a/d Lahn: the Baureihe 01, or I least I think was.