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Index of surviving mallets in the world

In this list I intend to obtain a complete overview of surviving mallets of the world. I intend to create a complete overview of all surviving mallets of the world. To my knowledge such an index does not exists. If it does, please let me know!!

I'm currently in the process of accumulating information from various sources (mostly internet). In its current state this list is far from complete. It is still chaotic because I'm registring potential survivors in the order I find them. I will sort the data later. Overmore I will only be working on the list when have time left, which rarely so.
Any help, additions are welcome. please report to or (replace the # by a @)

Country Original operator Designation Current owner / operator No Type
France     CFTVD Unknown 0-4-4-0
USA Norfolk & Western Class A   1218 2-6-6-4
AUS Magnet Tramway O&K Mallet Bennett Brook Railway 3 0-4-4-0
Under investigation (a likely or confirmed survivor identified but data not yet ready)
An overview of the work at hand

An overview of mallet classes of the world