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Read somewhere: I seem to be a "ferroequinologist"; someone who studies all aspects of the iron horse

In this section I maintain a list of any subject of interest related to this site

  • Photo reports of events I attended
  • Articles on various modeling techniques
  • Book reviews, written by myself or found on the web
  • eBook references, giving you links to various subjects on steam locomotives. These books are available in digital form, so please feel free to download them

I will try to update and expand these categories as much as time permits.
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Photo reports of visits I paid and events I attended

All published reports (in order of event date)

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Date event
2017-09 2017-06 Earl of Merioneth FR

UK 2017 album No 5 of 9: Ffestiniog's Fantastic Fairlie Four.

A compilation of photos from Earl of Merioneth of the FR over the course of a week in Wales

2017-09 2017-09-20 A business trip to Germany Impressions of rail related events during a business trip to Germany
2017-09 2017-06 No 143 WHR UK 2017 album No 4 of 9: A compilation of photos from NGG16 no 143 of the WHR over the course of a week in Wales
2017-07 2017-06 No 87 WHR UK 2017 album No 3 of 9: A compilation of photos from NGG16 no 87 of the WHR over the course of a week in Wales
2017-07 2017-06-24 Welshpool UK 2017 album No 2 of 9: a visit to Welshpool Llanfair and Monarch in particular
2017-07 2017-06-22 Severn Valley Railway UK 2017 album No 1 of 9: a visit to and ride on the Severn Valley Railway
2017-05 2017-05-25 VSM Visiting the Veluwsche Stoomtrein Maatschappij at Ascencion Day 2017
2017-03 2017-03-24 Last call
Hoek van Holland
A farewell ride to railway operation form Hoek van Holland to Rotterdam
2017-03 2017-03-10 Ontraxs 2017 I visited the yearly model railroad show in the National Railway Museum of the Netherlands in utrecht.
2017-03 2017-03-10 NS 5085 Overview and detail photos of the sole surviving member of the NS5000 (ex WD 2-10-0) class
2016-12 2016-09 S-Bahn Berlin When visiting Berlin for the Innotrans I travelled around with the S-Bahn and made a brief photographic impression
2016-11 2016-10-28 Eurospoor 2016 My customary visit to the largest modelrailroadshow in the Netherlands
2016-10 2014-06-14 Pendon Museum A tribute to Roye England, which took a while to publish (I forgot all about it)
2016-10 2016-09-14 Arnhem Central Station Arnhem's main station after its recent rebuild.
2016-10 2016-03-11 Ontraxs 2016 The yearly layout show at the Dutch Railway Museum in Utrecht
2016-10 2016-10-13 LHB Museum A quick visit to the Linke-Hofmann-Busch museum on the premises of Alstom Salzgitter.
2016-09 2016-09-28 01 1063 A chance encounter with Germany's mighty three cylinder Pacific
2016-09 2016-09-21 Innotrans 2016 A selection of hobby suitable photos from a business trip to the Innotrans in Berlin
2016-06 2016-05-19 Tram in Pescia A description of the remains of a tramway line I found in Pescia, Tuscany, Italy.
2015-10 2015-09-29 Harzquerbahn

Fifth and last album of the Harz, a ride on the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen from Nordhausen to Drei Annen Hohne

2015-10 2015-09-28 Brockenbahn A ride on the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen to the Brocken
2015-10 2015-09-26 Mallets of the Harz I traced two the mallets still operable in the Harz and made a special photo report of them covering several occasions.



Wernigerode by night A nocturnal impression of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen's main depot
2015-10 2015-09-23 Selketalbahn A ride on the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen from Gernrode to Alexisbad
2015-08 2015-08-01 ISM A visit to the Industiral Narrow Gauge Museum in Erika, Netherlands
2015-06 2015-06-10 Black Five UK Holiday 2015: a chance encounter with a special headed by a Stanier Black Five
2015-06 2015-06-08 NRM Shildon UK Holiday 2015: a visit to "Locomotion" in Shildon
2015-06 2015-06-07 NRM York (3) UK Holiday 2015: my third visit to the National Railway Museum in York
2015-06 2015-06-04 NYMR UK Holiday 2015: trailing a Gresley A4 during a visit to North Yorkshire Moors Railway
2015-06 2015-05-31 Ormesby Hall UK Holiday 2015: While visiting a National Trust property we stumbled on three beautiful layouts supported by the Ormesby Hall Model Railway Group
2015-05 2015-05-14 RTM no 54 centennial No 54 of the RTM celebrated its 100th birthday
2015-03 2015-03-08 Ontraxs 2015 The yearly high quality layout show of Dutch Railway Museum
2014-11 2014-10-17 Spoorparade Railway parade in Amersfoort on the occasion of 175 years of railways in the Netherlands
2014-11 2014-09-20 175th railway anniversary Festivities in Amsterdam and Haarlem on the occasion of 175 years of railways in the Netherlands
2014-08 2014-08-02 Icons of the rails An exhibition at the Dutch Railway Museum on the occasion of 175 years of railways in the Netherlands
2014-07 2014-07-18 Decauville A visit to the closing Decauville narrow gauge museum in Harskamp, NL
2014-07 2014-06-18 BRC UK Holiday 2014: Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
2014-07 2014-06-12 Didcot Railway Centre UK Holiday 2014: a visit to Didcot Railway Centre
2014-06 2014-06-07 Mid-Hants Railway UK Holiday 2014: a ride on the Watercressline
2014-06 2014-06-18 SAR Class 25NC UK Holiday 2014: 25NC as seen in the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
2014-05 2014-04-06 Tram World Stuttgart My German friends took to the local tramway museum of Stuttgart
2014-05 2014-04-05 Mulhouse After the business trip I stayed the weekend at a friend's place. We visited the French National Railway Museum in Mulhouse. Not really close, but not too far either
2014-05 2014-04-01 To Sinsheim by ICE A business trip with the ICE to Mannheim and from there with local trains to Sinsheim
2014-03 2011-02-25 Ontraxs 2011 My visit to the annual model railroad show in the Dutch Railway Museum in 2011. I forgot to publish it.
2014-03 2014-03-07 Ontraxs 2014 My visit to the annual model railroad show in the Dutch Railway Museum
2014-02 1974 Summer holiday

An album about the 1974 summer holiday in Switzerland,

published on the occasion of my 40th anniversary in railroading

2014-02 2011-08-09 Kent & East Sussex Railway in Tenterden A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2011-08-12 RHDR

A visit to the RH&DR Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway

A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011

2014-02 2011-08-14 Blue Bell Railway A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2011-08-17 Spa Valley Railway A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2011-08-21 Penrhyn Castle

In steam show on castle grounds in Wales.

A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011

2014-02 2011-08-24 Llanberis Lake Railway A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2011-08-24 Snowdon Mountain Railway A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2011-08-25 Welsh Highland Railway A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2011-08-27 Boston Lodge

FR en WHR Workshops

A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011

2014-02 2011-08-27 Ffestiniog Railway A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2011-08-31 NRM York A belated publication from my UK holiday in 2011
2014-02 2005-10-04 Amsterdam Central Station Early morning atmosphere in Amsterdam
2013-10 2013-09-28 Narrow Gauge Modeling Event at the National Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Valkenburg
2013-10 2013-09-21 Indonesia event at the National Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Valkenburg
2013-04 2013-04-16 Sporen naar het Front A visit to the Dutch Railway Museum's exhibition "Tracks to the Front"
2013-03 2013-03-15 Armoured train near Utrecht On my way to Utrecht I chanced upon an armoured train on its way ti an exhibition in the Dutch Railway Museum
2012-11 2012-11-14 Sliedrecht station an early morning fall sun illuminated Sliedrecht's station in stunning way. I skipped a train to record the event.
2012-11 2012-06-25 Tren de Soller Visit to Mallorca's famous 1929 electric railway line.
2012-11 2012-02-03 Winter in Utrecht Severe winter weather crippled rail traffic in early February. Of course there was the customary public outrage but ignoring that, the weather was great for some impressive shots.
2012-11 2012-03-29 Shooting in Amsterdam While on my way for work I missed a train connection in Amsterdam Central. I took the opportunity for a photo shoot
2012-11 2012-03-02 Ontraxs 2012 My visit to the annual show of the Dutch Railway Museum
2012-10 1974 Visit to Rheine depot Visit to one of the largest steam depots in Germany before the demise of steam
2012-10 2012-10-20 Eurospoor 2012 Visit to the yearly model railroad show in Utrecht
2012-09 2005-08-30 Summer's morning The start of a normal working day between Sliedrecht and Geldermalsen
2012-09 2012-09-12 Visit to the ZLSM Ride with a Class E2 2-8-0 and visit to the signal box and workshop in Simpelveld in Zuid Limburg
2012-09 2002-12-20 3737 in Tilburg  
2012-09 2010-01-29 Walk along the LTM A two days winter walk with a friend along the former track of the Maastricht to Vaals line of the Limburg Tramway Company (LTM) where the only ever Dutch Garratt had its working.
2012-05 2012-05-17 A visit to the VSM on National Steam train day
2012-04 2012-04-20 Firing at SHM My first footplate experience
2011-10 2011-10-02 Meeting RhB G4/5 during a trip to Switserland
2011-10 2011-10-04 Albula Line Walk between Preda and Bergün, Landwasser viaduct
2011-06 2011-06-03 RTM A visit to the Riding Tramway Museum at Ouddorp
2010-10 2010-10-16 ModelspoorExpo Mechelen A journey to Mechelen (Belgium) tot visit a national model railroad show
2010-09 2010-08-29 Hamar Visit to the national railway museum of Norway
2010-09 2010-08-17 Gamle Vossebanen Visit to the depot of a heritage railway near Bergen, South Norway
2010-09 2010-08-10 Setesdalbanen Visit to the depot of a narrow gauge railway in South Norway
2010-09 2010-08 Norway's Stations Visits to Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, Hamar and Oslo station
2010-07 2010-07-18 Linge bridge at Geldermalsen Replacement of the seventy year old railroad bridge
2010-06 2010-06-05 Bridge at Zwolle Visit to the construction site of a brand new railroad bridge
2010-06 2010-06-24 Opening Rotterdam Waalhaven In June my employer opened a new site in Rotterdam.
Photos published with kind permission of its management
2010-05 2010-05-29 Dordt in stoom The bi-annual steam event in Dordrecht
2010-02 2010-02-26 OnTraxs Model railroading event at the National railway Museum in Utrecht
2009-07 2009-06-06 Didcot Ry Center Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-10 Fairlie at Blaenau Ffestiniog Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-10 Blanche at Porthmadog Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-13 Welsh highland ry Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-13 Fairlies at Porthmadog Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-16 Carlisle station Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-24 National Ry Museum york Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-06 Swindon STEAM Roundtrip UK
2009-07 2009-06-03 Blue Bell railway Roundtrip UK
2009-05 2009-05-23 Stoomtram Hoorn Medemblik  
2009-03 2009-03-06 Rail 2009, 25th anniversary  
2009-02 2009-02-20 On Traxs Model Railway exhibition at the Dutch National Railway Museum
2009-02 2009-02-04 Station Haarlem  
2009-02 2009-01-08 till 12 Visit to the Stuttgart area, Germany  
2008-12 2008-12-13 Open Day NedTrain plant Leidschendam marking the 100 year anniversary of the plant
2008-11 2008-11-29 Nederlandse Modelspoordagen  
2008-10 2008-10-24 Eurospoor 2008 Model railroad exhibition and trade fair in Utrecht
2008-09 2008-09-13 Narrow gauge museum Valkenburgse Meer Open day in the museum and
National narrow gauge model railroad exhibition
2008-06 2008-06-29 Gauge 1 meeting Sinsheim Germany Part of my five day visit to my German friend Dieter
2008-06 2008-06-07 Hoorn-Medemblik Visit to the workshop of a steam tram museum
2008-06 2008-06-29 Eisenbahnmuseum Heilbronn  
2008-05 2008-05-30 Waterloo station, London  
2008-05 2008-05-18 Dordt in stoom Bi-annual steam event (some films may take some time to load)
2008-05 2008-05-31 Museum of Childhood, London  
2008-04 2008-04-29 Sprinter Light Train New rolling stock in the Netherlands
2008-03 2008-03-08 Rail 2008  
2008-01 2008-01-19 Nederlandse Modelspoordagen Dutch Model Railway Days (fair)
2007-12 2007-12-14 Visit to Rotterdam Central Station  
2007-12 2007-12-14 Visit to Railz Miniworld  
2007-10 2007-10-28 Eurospoor 2007  
2007-10 2007-08-14 Visit to Jenbach Zillertalbahn, Achenseebahn