2022-10-05 Frankfurt

In October 2022 I made a business trip to Frankfurt. I arrived early in Frankfurt Hbf and had time to spare to take a few decent shots.
2022-10-05 06.20.10  -->  An early start with a very long day ahead. Up at 05:00, at 06:20 on my home town's  station, 12:30 in Frankfurt, 15:00 the first half day of the conference, 19:00 pre-dinner meeting followed by the dinner itself, back to the hotel and to bed at 22:00. Although I enjoy travelling and meeting people I will not deny it is extremely fatiguing. But hey, I was to have a wonderful day. 2022-10-05 07.15.41  -->  Change trains at Geldermalsen. This station never fails to draw my attention. 2022-10-05 08.28.59  -->  Utrecht Centraal, waiting for the ICE to arrive. The greenish office building is my daily workplace. 2022-10-05 08.29.28  -->
2022-10-05 08.34.23  -->  The ICE's arrival causes a stir among the waiting herd. 2022-10-05 08.35.26  -->  Selfie 2022-10-05 11.48.48  -->  The ICE took me to Frankfurt Flughafen in one straight line in about three hours. I love the buzz of stations. 2022-10-05 11.49.56  -->
2022-10-05 11.52.21  --> 2022-10-05 11.54.42  -->  AsI had some time to spare I took a look in the transit hall connecting the railway and the airport 2022-10-05 12.29.10  -->  My local to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main station) 2022-10-05 12.29.25  -->  The relatively new Classe 430. Deleveries are still underway, 178 have been ordered. No special design, just bread and butter trains.
2022-10-05 12.29.33  --> P1010382  -->  At last! 2022-10-05 12.32.26  -->  Frankfurt is ...... huge! I had a glimpse of it once on one of my previous business travels. Having had only 10 minutes or so to spare I vowed to return and take my time. I was quite happy with the nice autumn sun. P1010326  -->  The massive feet of the arches. Look at the intricate casting!
P1010329  --> P1010328  -->  And a whole lot of such arches make a splendid play for the eye P1010336  -->  Simply glorious P1010332  -->  On the way to Frankfurt I took the precaution to take one train earlier than my conference necessitated. Luckily all connections worked to plan and I suddenly had two hours to spend at the station. What a pity :-)
P1010340  -->   Bombardier Twindexx Vario  "dressed" as a Class 446 P1010335  -->  Being an international terminus, you can find all sorts of trains here. A double deck TGV to Paris. P1010337  -->  This  EuroDuplex  serves the luxury brand name InOui.The topspeed of 320 km/h is impressive. P1010338  -->
P1010339  --> P1010341  -->  Passengers boarding for Paris 2022-10-05 12.47.56  -->  Oh boy, would I like to hop on! P1010342  -->
P1010343  -->  Frankfurt's impressive signalling tower. P1010344  --> P1010346  -->  Two locomotives of an era gone by. And still working.  Class 218 , 410 built. P1010362  -->  Their profile is iconic.
P1010347  -->  A local train  from a private operator. P1010348  -->  The private operators certainly add to the colour of the railways in Germany P1010349  -->  The impressive yard leading out of the station P1010351  -->  and (I now turned around on the same spot) all five canopies in one photo. Impressive! And again I relished in the fine autumn weather.
Weather  -->  Although being away from home for several days, I left my coat at home as I had no need for it with temperatures still clinging to the twenties P1010352  --> P1010355  -->  Remarkably train traffic simply continued with these workers on active lines. P1010356  -->  The train to Paris leaving at last
P1010357  --> P1010358  -->  The TGV crossing where the workers stood in the previous photo. P1010359  --> P1010366  -->  Dirty Diesels. Many local lines are yet to be electrified.
P1010371  -->  Incoming traffic and again these workers on the line, well within profile. They seemed to be very much aware though. P1010372  --> P1010373  --> P1010377  -->
P1010375  -->  Never a dull moment in this station, again a private operator P1010376  -->  And a very old if not ancient buffer stop. P1010380  -->  Another detail of the intricate detail on the station canopy P1010381  -->
P1010383  -->  Not entirely sharp, this photo yet reveals just how much work went into its construction P1010385  --> P1010386  -->  A Desiro Classic diesel motor unit awaiting departure. I am amazed how clean it is. This is a trainset of at least 14 years old! P1010387  -->
P1010388  --> P1010392  -->  A  PESA   Link  EMU in DB service. Personally I find this design a very original approach. P1010393  --> P1010394  -->  Quote from Asterix and Cleopatra: "There's no denying it, she does have a pretty nose."
P1010395  --> P1010397  -->  Contrary to this bulldog shaped 445 P1010396  --> P1010398  -->  With the unification of Germany quite a few ex-GDR locomotives spread around the country. No less than 647 examples were built between 1984 and 1991.
P1010400  -->  Three noses P1010405  --> P1010408  --> P1010411  -->  An  ICE 4 ,137 built from 2017-2023
P1010412  --> P1010414  -->  A double deck push-pull unit powered by a  Class 146 TRAXX P1010416  -->  The other end of the same unit P1010425  -->
P1010417  -->  The colourful ET344 DMU we had seen in the yard, pulled up into the station P1010418  --> P1010420  -->  Why there is a control car of a push-pull unit behind the Vectron locomotive is beyond me. P1010421  -->  The  Vectron  design is instantly recognisable.
P1010423  --> P1010426  --> P1010431  -->  I simply love the buzz of a station P1010432  -->
2022-10-05 13.55.12  -->  After spending an enjoyable hour in the station itself I turned my attention to the main building. 2022-10-05 13.59.13  --> 2022-10-05 13.59.52  --> 2022-10-05 14.01.06  -->  The station building was inaugurated on 18-8-1888 !  Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof was the largest station in Europe until Leipzig Hauptbahnhof was built in 1915, but it still remains "the most important railway station" in Germany due to its central location in the country.
2022-10-05 14.01.26b  -->  Due to the cramped conditions in front of the building and also due to its sheer size, it was very difficult to get a good angle 2022-10-05 14.02.21  --> P1010433  --> P1010438  -->  The sun made me go back inside once more to catch this view of the main hall.  That said it was about time to go to my conference.
2022-10-05 15.06.57  -->  This would be my workplace for the next one and a half day. I have seen far worse workplaces 2022-10-05 20.46.33  -->  By the end of the day I passed the station and snapped this shot 2022-10-05 20.49.06  -->  Stations have quite a different character at night. 2022-10-05 20.50.52  -->
2022-10-06 08.23.47  -->  The following morning, again from my workplace for the day P1010439  --> P1010449  --> P1010456  -->
2022-10-06 17.12.37  -->  At the end of the day I was due for a trip with this ICE to spend the weekend with a friend of mine, some 150km further south 2022-10-06 17.50.29  -->  Bye bye, Frankfurt 2022-10-06 17.55.06  --> 2022-10-06 18.48.36  -->