2021-09-14 Altenbeken

A wish of more than 50 year fulfilled: going out and about Altenbeken and its viaduct
DSC01491  -->  Altenbeken is famous for its large viaduct crossing the valley just outside the town. Moreover the town has been an important railway hub in the 19th and 20th century and also belonged to the realm of the impressive BR 44's, attracting railway enthusiast from all over the world at the end of steam in Germany. All that is now gone. The railway yards have gone largely silent, steam is gone. Only the viaduct stands, silent witness to the import of former days. A beautiful walk has been layed out to get good views of the viaduct. DSC01494  -->  A first view of the viaduct through the trees DSC01495  --> DSC01496  -->  View towards Altenbeken station
DSC01497  -->  The curve onto the viaduct on the Altenbeken side DSC01498  --> DSC01499  --> DSC01500  -->  There are many photos of the viaduct from many different viewpoints. But since the 1970s the trees have obscured the view from this side more and more. So this is about the one angle left to get a good view.
DSC01506  --> Altenbeken viaduct1  -->  A 1962 recording of the viaduct with the BR 44 three cylinder 2-10-0 operating on it. 2021-09-14 11.30.44  -->  A dreamed of being here when I was in my teens. I dedicate this picture to the memory of  Rolf Ertmer (1925-2004)  from Paderborn whose famous layout "Altenbeken" was a great inspiration to me. Rolf thank you!! DSC01530  -->  On the rest of our walk we only got an occasional glance of the viaduct...
DSC01531  -->  ...until we could almost touch it DSC01532  --> DSC01534  --> DSC01535  -->
2021-09-14 13.14.01  --> DSC01539  --> DSC01540  --> DSC01542  -->
DSC01545  --> DSC01546  --> 2021-09-14 13.27.07  --> DSC01564  -->
DSC01573  --> DSC01574  --> DSC01584  -->  One mighty BR 44 is plinthed a few streets away from the viaduct DSC01585  -->
DSC01586  --> DSC01587  --> DSC01589  --> DSC01590  -->
DSC01592  --> DSC01594  --> DSC01595  --> DSC01591  -->  The middle cylinder
DSC01596  -->  The middle cylinder has its own Walschaerts' valve gear. Maybe a bit harder to grease in operation but much simpler to maintain and less troubled than derived valve gear systems like Gresley's conjugated valve gear. DSC01598  --> DSC01599  --> DSC01600  -->
DSC01601  --> DSC01604  --> DSC01605  --> 2021-09-14 14.33.09  -->
DSC01613  --> DSC01621  -->  The next day I made a walk in the area starting from Altenbeken which enabled me to make some more photos. Here, quite obviously, the station itself. DSC01634  -->  During walk I got another view on the viaduct DSC01641  -->  And as my walk passed over the railway tuneel exiting from the station I could get this view. If only the weather had been more favourable.