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Rhätische Bahn Ge2/4

The protoype

Seven examples of this light electric locomotive class were built in 1912-1913, originally for the newly constructed and electrified Engadin line. Having a top speeds of 45 km and only two powered axles they soon proved too light for the task. Three locomotives were reconstructed as shunters in the forties with a central driver's cab. No 221 was not outwardly altered but a refurbishment increased it power output. It was, with its twin 222, put too good use on the Abula line as helper locomotives. No 221 was scrapped as late as 1998, testifying very much RhB's negligance of heritage. Despite five other members of the class still in existence at the time it is no good to anyone selling an 86 year old loco as scrap metal. The same happened later to the rebuilt Ge 2/4 211  and to Ge 6/6 412, the latter as late as 2008!! Shame on you RhB!!


I shot the 222 when I was still young at Landquart


Some more pics. The loco were normally at work then and still could be observed in their every day work

Landquart 1976, at the old station building


Landquart 1976, backing up past the roundhouse of the depot


Landquart 1976


Presumably Chur 1976, heading a goods train

The model

Bemo sells an excellent depiction of the loco in HOm (1:87 meter gauge). I stumbled over it on an auction. It cost me only €95 so buying it was a nobrainer. Hey, mr Garrattfan, you are collecting steam locomotives! Yup, true, but I also said I will allow myself deviations, and I did in this case. I am delighted by the designs of the electric rod locomotives of the RhB and they go very well together with the dreamed of steam locomotives of the RhB

See more of this tiny cutie.