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Rhätische Bahn Locomotives

When I started collecting locomotives I knew I would include the steam locomotives of the Rheatian Railway. Most of all for my love of steam in general but also for my long lasting love of the G 4/5 no 108. In due course I intend to buy all RhB steam locomotives so the G3/4, G2/2+2/2 and Xrot 9213/14 are still on the wishlist to date (2013)


I bought G4/5 no 108 in 2005 from the small sum I inherited from my uncle who also loved this engine.

After acquiring no 108 I had no intention to buy other locomotives then steam. This changed in 2011. I was on a trip with my sister to Switzerland and we visited Chur to catch a steam special from Disentis to Landquart. When we were busy shooting G 4/6 no 107 another train came to a stop at the other side of the platform drawn by a Ge 6/6 no 414, another heritage loco albeit an electrical one. The occasion felt very special with a veteran on either side.

Two months later I visited a model railway show and stumbled upon a Bemo Ge 6/6 for only €95. That was a nobrainer and I bought it. Later I will build a diorama depicting the scene on the photos.

Just a show later, in December 2011 I stumbled upon a Ge 2/4 again for only €95.

Having been persuaded into buying electric locomotives anyway I bought it too. By then I wanted the series of rod driven electric locomotives to complete and started actively looking for a Ge 4/6. Of course the sport would be to buy it again at only €95. I did not quite succeed as the Ge 4/6 is by far less common on fairs and shows as the other two. I finally succeeded on eBay which a slight budget overrun: €100.


Some photos of my proud quartet: