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VW Bus

Lining a VW transporter bus

A colleague of mine was to retire any time soon and his fellows from his department wanted to make him gifts referring of course to his personal peculiarities. Why not, a last chance to make a bit of good humour with him. One of these peculiarities is that he owns a yellow VW Transporter bus to which he has dedicated, so the story goes, a considerable amount of TLC. He uses the bus to travel together with his disabled missus. The idea was to dress the bus up in a Dutch railways livery. So his colleagues turned to me to see if I could that. They provided me with a bus of more or less the right yellow base and the only thing I had to do was add the decals and seal the lot. Well that didn't seem too much of challenge.
The bus isn't very big, scale 1:72 approximately.  

The decals arrived swiftly

And beforelong the first NS logo was toast

It looks black but it is definitely blue (see the photo above)

Lettering underway


Giving it a clear coat to protect the decals