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MDC 3tr Shay

Oil Bunker

March 8 and 11, 2006

Until now the oil bunker had been lagging behind. It took me a great deal of time to find out how I could best paint the gaps between the bunker top and the sides. Every time I tried to paint it with my airbrush far too much paint settled down on the sides without even giving any color in the gap. It was just impossible to reach the tiny space between bunker top and bunker sides. Eventually I used a normal brush to apply a first layer of paint in the gap. After ample dry time I airbrushed the whole bunker.

I used two pieces of wood, a piece of scrap metal and a rubber to make a kind inversed pliers which held the bunker perfectly.

  Holding the bunker while airbrushing posed a problem. The bunker weighs next to nothing and the slightest stream of air from your airbrush sends it sprawling.
Then, when all painting just had been finished I discovered a fault in the construction of the oil bunker. The bunker top had not been glued together at one point and it came off. I allowed the paint to dry completely for three days. I even gloss coated the bunker. Then I used a pin to apply a tiny droplet of ACC in the corner where the bunker top came off and pressed the two parts hard together. It worked!
Oops!!   Done!

At last all major painting had been done giving the following result: