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MDC 3tr Shay

Painting details

March 8, 2005

There's a Dutch proverb that reads "the venom is in the tail" which means as much as that it is always hard to finish a job to the last bit. This most certainly applies to finishing a locomotive model (or any model for that matter). Roughly spraying a model seems easy, covering ground quickly and giving a remarkable aaaah effect on yourself and on your house members. But then comes the time of finding the tiny things you missed and the small details that need another color. Everyone can see you bent over a model, uttering mysterious sounds and hums with no visible progress whatsoever. Yet you're working on faults and additions that are invaluable to the end result. This stadium is reached after having airbrushed the main colors of your model. Color away the little corners you missed. Color the bell, the whistle. Maybe you caused a tiny damaged on the new and vulnerable paint surface. It all takes times. Do it at your pace and at your peace and just ignore the comments.


Using a tiny brush I apply the silver paint for the rear light

And the headlight   The bell and the whistle