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MDC 3tr Shay

Second paint

March 2, 2006

Next I applied red on the boiler and the drivers cab, and black on the frames below the footplate.
Well it's gradually going to look like a real locomotive.
When painting the first time I forgot all about the oil bunker. Now, when I applied the red paint to the oil bunker I saw some burrs which I had to remove first. So the oil bunker is once more lagging behind but I will fix that in due course.

The model had lettering on the sides when it came out of the box. I didn't remove it. It now turns out that these decals have a certain height so no matter how much paint you apply it will always be possible to see the contours of the old lettering though the paint. It is not disturbing (you can't see it on the photos) but next time I'll take the time to remove old lettering.

Small details like the whistle and the bell will be hand painted later on

The "hole" for the engine is black inside.

The footplate behind this hole and in the cab area will be painted black in a later stage. I have not decided yet whether I will paint the headlight red or leave it black.