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MDC 3tr Shay

The crown, or if you like, the spark arrestor

January 28, 2006

I had already finished working on the Shay when I was at a fair in Houten (NL) and stumbled some very nice and fine mesh screen. I bought me a strip (2 meter, it will take me ages to use that up) for a few euros.



At home I put a nut in my vise and filed it more or less round.


I put the nut and the mesh on a piece of soft scrap wood

I used my vise to pres the nut in to the wood taking the mesh with it
  Here you can see the impression the nut left behind

Then I cut the mesh more or less to size
  I bent the mesh roughly to shape with my fingers
And then with my pliers   The intermediate result  
Finally I cut it down in circular strokes.   And now my Shay has its own crown