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MDC 3tr Shay

Bunker problem

January 17, 2006

While working on the superstructure it occurred to me that the fuel bunker just would not sit tight on the frame. No matter how hard I pressed it, it would only sit there for some time and than come loose again.

Touching the top of the motor

You can clearly see the gap between bunker and frame

You can't glue the bunker to the frame because it will later obstruct your access to the motor. So I had to find the cause of this obsessing tendency. I found that the gap would always be on the side opposite from the side where a pressed the bunker. It proved to wobble over the top of the motor. This on its turn was caused by the shim that I inserted under the motor to align it to the gearbox.

The remedy was to cut away some plastic from the inside of the tender