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MDC 3tr Shay


December 29, 2005

The frame also needed some rework. Again burrs were left, rings were visible on the top surface. So once again I set out deburring, filing, sanding. Not hard work. Just a matter of going on, and on.

Burrs on the profile of the frame

Smooth after rework.

In stead of fine sanding paper (grit 1200) I used a glass fiber pencil. Cheap and extremely effective to smooth surfaces. The pencil is also easy to control in difficult spots. Beware however of the small fibers breaking off. They can be very nasty when they penetrate your skin.

More burrs

Again on the left side en right side of the top of the frame surface I found very tiny burrs. Unacceptable once you realize that this surface will be very visible after painting.


The same after a thorough sanding session.

When working on the frame also pay close attention to the edges of the frame all round. They also tend to have uneven surfaces, casting marks etcetera. Now is the time to cure it and once you get started you see more and more of them. Take heart, you'll get through!!

When you pay close attention you can see the plastic pilot (right) is attached to the frame. This is the state in which I got it. This is certainly not the order in which to work on things but the pilot was glued to the frame by the previous owner and it was one of the parts I couldn't get loose. Since a good job had been done on it, I just let it be, afraid to break it apart when trying to remove it.