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DJH supplies a "modest" instruction manual to build the kit, not nearly as explicit as with the AD60. Effectively there are two pages of text and ten exploded view drawings. As usual this is written in one continuous stream of text. Constantly loosing track of where I left off in this text soup drives me crazy.

I scanned the document and converted it to WORD-format. I read instruction for instruction how the kit was to be built. I gave every instruction a new line and numbered the instructions. This way I can easily keep track of my progress. I coloured tricky instructions red. I put the applicable diagram on top of every single page so that that particular diagram was always in view without having to leaf through the manual. I altered DJH's text only slightly, splitting up setences and making small adjust for grammatical reasons. My version of the manual is available for download (see bottom of page).


The manual does not take painting into account. In the case of the GCA that is not overly complicated, but it needs some attention for brass parts and the smokebox. As far as painting is something to reckon with, you will find it described on the pages of the website.


DJH for once numbered the parts on the etch saving you a lot of confusion and searching.


The numbered instruction manual