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The kit came in the well known DJH box


Much to my surprise this kit contained far more etched parts than the AD60 I had just completed. The complete boiler was etched in brass sheet an factory rolled.

This rolling was completly done to the very end of the sheet. In a roller press that is impossible, I know, but I found the end of the sheet that were left straight a bit on the long side. That will result in a V-shpaed bottom. I'll have to see if that will be very visible or not.

The rear tank is also pre-bent and has nice detailing

The rear, with etched bending seams.

I guess these are tanktops, also pre-bent

A pack of etched parts, amongst which the frames of the drive units and the boiler cradle

Taken out of the bag is a lot easier to study. I can easlily identify the three footplates, steps, brake hangers, boiler cradle frame plates

I am not going to list all part in detail, refer to the manual for that, but in large draws:

A. Counter weights

B. and C. The unit's frames

D. various parts ;-)

E. water tank and buffer beam

F. Cab

G. Number plates 2129

H. and I. Another buffer beam and various washers and other parts


Three bags of white metal parts

The rods and the valve gears

The wheels, axles and motor

There are two issues.

  • The loco as supplied runs on 16.5mm rails which is a compromise in favour of the standard gauge HO modeller. The prototype ran on 1067mm (cape gauge) so 12mm would be appropriate. I will go certainly investigate a conversion to 12mm.
  • There is only one motor. I am not very confident that this suffice, so I will look into the possibility of housing a motor in each drive unit

Pilots and detail parts

Couplers, frame  spacers and brass detail parts.

Some tubing