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Factory photo by Krupp.

South African Railways ordered the 39 memebrs of the GCA Garratt 2-6-2+2-6-2 class in 1927. They were supplied by Krupp in Germany in two batches, 2190 to 2202 (13) in 1927 and the remainder 2600 to 2625 in 1928. The design was by and large the same as the preceding GC class, albeit that the GCA had bar frames instead of plate frames. There were also differnces in appearance having round top fireboxes instead of the Belpaire fireboxes and differently shaped water tanks and coal bunkers. They seem to have been reasobly good engines. The last were withdrawn from service in October 1975.


no. 2615 at Greyville, November 1971. Photo Robert Maidment-Wilson. Licensed under CC 3.0