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NS 6200 class

Inventory of the kit

In October 2014 I bought this very old kit of the NS6300 Class. The kit was made DJH Modelloco. Inside the box it is dated 1981. It was sold for the then hefty sum of 495 Dutch guilders. The modernized version of the kit currently sells for £270. Add shipping to that and it will turn up on your doorstep for a good €360. I bought the older version of the kit for €150. Not bad.

The set was completely untouched.


Below I list de the various bags. I numbered them and used these numbers in the manual so it will help locate the parts easily. I used the following codes

WM White Metal parts
E Etched brass parts
NS Etched nickel silver parts
B Non-etched brass parts


An overview of all included parts. .