Gallery NS 6228

First work on this loco started as far back as 2010.
I didn't expect the project to take that long.
Family matters and other priority projects interfered.
On 5 December 2015 I finally completed this relatively simple project.
DSC05294b DSC05296 DSC05297 DSC05298b
DSC05299b DSC05300b DSC05302b DSC05303b
DSC05304b DSC05306b DSC05307b DSC05308-10b
DSC05311b DSC05312b DSC05314b DSC05315b
DSC05317b DSC05318b DSC05319b DSC05322b
DSC05323b DSC05326b DSC05327-30b DSC05332b
DSC05333b DSC05336b DSC05337b DSC05339b