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NS class 5000


The first step in the painting process brings a novelty for me. In previous models I immediately set out for degreasing the parts. Brass however is an unfavourable surface for paint to adhere to. So I got a fellow modeller's tip: "sand"blast the brass surface first. It roughens the surface without destroying the detail. Well, I had bought such a kit for a bargain, just €33, quite some time ago under the motto "you never know". I had already tried it on the frame and I liked the result. So now again the eraser kit came out.

The rather simple kit blast kit. "Sand" is actually aluminium oxide. The desired result. Left the normal brass sheet surface, right when sandblasted

After that the parts are thoroughly degreased.

  • First an hour in pretty aggressive soap from our dishwasher, of which the effect is supported by a few bouts of thorough brushing. 
  • Once the hour has passed the soap is rinsed off with luke warm tap water. Doe not touch the parts anymore with your bare fingers.
  • Then the parts submerged in 4% acetic acid., again for an hour and some scrubbing.
  • After rinsing with tap water a good flush with demineralised water concludes degereasing. The latter is to prevent mineral residues in tap water to settle as scale on the metal surface which will impede the paint's adherence to the metal.

The parts are taken from the water and blown dry with an empty airbrush. Leave in a good warm place to dry for at least 24 hours.

Drying under cover to prevent dust settling on the model. Cover of course removed for the photo.