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NS class 4300

Introduction - DJH's WD Austerity 2-8-0 NS Class 43000

NS4309 presumably at Rotterdam Fijenoord (judging by the shed).
I don't have the faintest idea where I found this photo, If someone has a legitimate claim to copyright please contact me.

I bought this DJH kit on the Eurospoor 2018 expo (9 November 2018) for €235.

This purchase has a story. In 2009 I bought an NS4300 (ex-WD 2-8-0) from Bachmann. This model does have a Dutch tan, but further changes as applies by the Dutch Railways have been omitted. And this model is in 1:76 (OO).

Three years later I bought a DJH kit of the NS5000 via an auction site. All was well. I had a pair I thought.

When I bought an NS6300 kit on Eurospoor 2014 I saw a DJH NS4300 directly beside it for €150. A bargain! But well, I was just buying a 6300, and I already that Bachmann model, and the 4300 and 5000 looked very much the same to me. The 4300 might be in the wrong scale but it did not matter much to me. All in all I was too avaricious to spend another €150.

In 2018 I "dutchified" my Bachmann NS4300 and simultaneously built the NS5000. It occurred to me only then that the two classes differed considerably. And the difference in scale, the Bachmann being 1:76 and de DJH kits in 1:87, was increasingly annoying me. I regretted having missed my opportunity on buying the 4300 a few years earlier. On Eurospoor 2018 I found less than three NS4300s e four NS5000s together. The purchase was decided in a second, taking the much higher price as a reprimand for my avariciousness back then.

All kits together, mine is already in my backpack

Status of the project

11 November 2018

The kit has been stored for now until I get round to it.