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NS 3900 class

Detail parts

The DJH kit contains only white metal castings. Although not bad brass castings are far superior. Philotrain is a major supplier of brass detailing parts after Dutch practices. Their parts add greatly to the visual appearance of the loco and are highly valued within the modelling community.

I was preparing the projects of both the 6300 and 3900 class simultaneously because these two classes are practically sister classes, being designed in the same time frame, sharing the same design principles and many common parts. So after some book research I placed one order at Philotrain covering, hopefully, the needs of both projects.

I may have bought the kits at reasonable prices, €125 for the 3900 and €150 for the 6300, the detail parts take their share on the budget. The order for both loco's cost me €175, so €87,50 each. Compare this with the price of the currently available Artitec NS 6300, which comes to you at a price of €629 (analogue control, no sound) at is still a reasonably cheap alternative. The 3900 is currently (2017) not available in the RTR market






Philotrain no

Price (€)

2 pr

Sprung buffers




1 pr

Screw coupling



This is one of the best depictions of the common European screw coupling I know of. It is fully functional, with three separate links. The spring allows it to be "stretched" out of the buffer beam in tight curves.

2 x

Air pump



The NS 6300 had two large Knorr air pumps, the 3900 just one

1 x

Smokebox lamp



2 x

Buffer beam lamps

3 x

Lamp brackets (rear)



The lamp brackets are placed where there is no lamp. This may sound silly, In reality a locomotive has three brackets on each side. On a model however you must choose to place a lamp which includes an indication of the bracket or an empty bracket. I will fit the locomotive only with two front lamps, which was the most common configuration. So the rear lamps will indicated by a empty lamp brackets. The parts in this casting will be shared with the NS6300.

1 x




It is really, really tiny.

The package contains two whistles so it covers both projects.

1 x

Smokebox handwheel



Speaking of tiny....

The casting comes with two hand wheels so this covers both the 6300 as the 3900

1x Roof lifting eyes 870/50802 6.00
The eight lifting eyes on this casting will both cover the 6300 and the 3900
1x Various pipe valves and bends 870/50004 6.00
1x White loco numbers 870/40120 5.50

The Dutch Railways used white loco number on the front buffer beams

These transfers appear to be rub transfers but I will have to check that. They contain numbers for 6317, 6320 and 3917. Additionally they also happen to cover members of the 3300 5000, which I also have in store. A list of digits enables sufficient to create any desired number

1x Yellow loco numbers 870/40121 5.50

The Dutch Railways used yellow loco number on the rear of the loco. Curiously this number was not placed on the buffer beam but half way above the footplate be it on the back of the tender or on the back of the coal bunker of a tank locomotive.

Again they contain numbers for 6317, 6320 and 3917, but also for 3931. The 5000 class is also covered but not the 3300 class.