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NS 3900 class

Inventory of the kit

The kit I will build originates from DJH Modelloco. I bought it via (eBay look-a-like). Price app 125 euro, half the current new price. It is a kit of older date though. I want to build a Garratt first so this one goes into store until I finished my 7000 and after building a Garratt.

As an appetizer I show you some photo's of the kit as it is. Just enjoy all the goodies to come as I did when I unpacked the kit!!


Update anno 2016: the above text was written before I moved to my hobbyroom in the loft so before 2009. And the 3900 is still in its box!

The complete kit fresh out of the box

Etched part, main frame on top. The second layer is mainly drive and valve gear.

The third etch plate contains the drivers cab and the smoke deflectors

Numerous nitty gritty, which make you search for hours if they snap out of your tweezers. Oops!!

Some of them: the stanchions, holding the handrails along the boiler. Just 0,7 mm thick!!

Boiler and footplate. The footplate is severely warped.

The boiler from the rear, revealing the characteristic form of the Belpaire firebox.

Some amateur work has been done on the boiler, but nothing seems to be beyond repair

The warped footplate.

For comparison: the boiler of the NS7000 series in front of the 3900 boiler.

Wheels, wheel sets and motor.

Roof of the drivers cab (ri) en side of the tender (le), and various parts (top)

And more: tender front (ri top), boiler rear (ri bottom)
Tender frame etc.


More parts of the tender

and the wiring