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B&O EM-1

Repair of the handrail

The very moment I tried to bend the handrail knobs back into shape they broke. Luckily I have an ample supply of handrail knobs, the longest of which have approximately by a few tenths of a millimetre the appropriate length.

I pulled the old knob heads off the rail. I also pulled out the stems of the knobs. I felt more like a dentist then anything else.

While working on the loco I noticed nasty scratch marks on the boiler. This loco must have had quite a history.

The two holes to be filled.


The left hole shows signs of glueing. Compare it t the right hole.

It looks as if someone else must already have been working on it.



I drilled the original holes.

I drilled the holes to 0.8 mm, the size of the new knob's base.

Once glued, again with epoxy, blue-tack held the stuff in place.

Two new handrail knobs in place.


The left handrail knob has come a bit out of its hole. That is only visible on the photos and on very, very close inspection.

A touch of SM302 Revell Black and another job done!