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B&O EM-1

Repair of the right air pump

Good, let's get to work!


The loco was turned upside down in a foam cradle

The pilot was removed for better access
The radiator was flipped up
and this way I could get to the space where the pump should be.
I located the remains of the spigot and filed it flat leaving just a tiny bit of it. This remaining piece was pushed with a household pin to get a starting pit for the drill.
Drilling it 0.7 mm
The pump was provided with a corresponding hole. I used 0.7 mm brass wire as the new spigot.

The length of the spigot was determined by entering it into both holes and marking it on the brass wire. The length between the two marks was measured and cut off from one side.

The brass wire was glued with epoxy in the pilot frame.

The pump was blue-tacked to a tooth pick to make it easier to handle. Before applying glue I practised thoroughly how the pump could be manoeuvred into place. Space was tight so I needed to know every move to get to the spigot.

Then epoxy was applied to the appropriate places and the pump went in as rehearsed.

Once the pump was in place a bit of blue-tack secured its correct position


Actually the repaired right pump now sits more firm and secure than the undamaged left pump ☺