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Diorama Brig

Diorama "Brig", a brief introduction

As I said it proved to be difficult to find the right models of the cars and because I did not find them in the right colour there was quite some work in them to turn them into relatively acceptable models.

The VW 1600 comes from a transporter by Roco which carried eight rather sparingly modelled Volkswagens

I found the blue one

The VW 411 was a Winking production

I sprayed the undercarriage semi gloss black. I tried to apply a base coat to the body but it would not stick for some reason so removed it.

While taking apart the VW 411 the roof cracked. I glued it and then filled the crack with Milliput and sanded it

Green, very much like my father's car.

As a base coat I sprayed a dull grey similar to the car's original colour. Reds are usually pretty transparant and the white putty would shine through.

I added a lot of small details

  • chrome stripes and bumpers (bare-metal foil)
  • orange blink lights
  • red tail lights
  • silver headlights
  • silver wheel rimes
  • black windshield wipers


Here the effect of the bare-metal foil is clearly seen on the front bumper. Terrific stuff.

The completed models