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DKA CC 5001-5008, 5019-5024

Locomotive data
Builder Werkspoor
Builder's number(s) 558-565, 570-575

JSS 1601-1608, 1619-1624

DKA CC 5001-5008, 5019-5024

Wheel arrangement 2-6-6-0
Year 1928
Gauge 1067 mm
Heated surface 150.4 m2
Grate area 3.3 m2
Max boiler pressure 14 bar
Cylinders 2 hp + 2 lp
Cylinder diam 420 mm / 650 mm
Stroke 610 mm
Diam. drivers 1106 mm
Water -
Fuel 5.0 t
Weight (operational) 110.7 t
Length 19,908 mm
Speed 55 km/h
Tractive effort 14,680 kg
Design SLM Winterthur

Built by SLM and Werkspoor, the CC50 were the most numerous of the tender Mallets and also the last in service, finishing approximately in 1984 when the residual Garut branch closed.

14 out of 30 examples for a follow up order for the successful CC type were granted Werkspoor in 1928, the remainder of that order being built by the designer Schweizerische Locomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik in Winterthur, Switzerland.


One engine engine was shipped back to the Netherlands after its working life and is since stabeld in the Utrecht Railway Museum since 1980. Since reconstruction of the museum it has been entombed in a Disney parc like attraction for which they could ust as well have used a cardboard imitation. The loco is now completely inaccessible for mere mortals.













Return of the 5022 in 1980, unloading in the Netherlands


O wow, some one did a very good job with his camera. Respect! Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.


Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.


In Garut. Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.


Near Bayongbong, Aug 1980. Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.


Cibatu Java Indonesia 23rd June 1981 Source ©to be resolved