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DKA CC 1024-1033

Locomotive data
Builder Werkspoor
Builder's number(s) 250-259

SS and T: 367-376

JSS: 551-560

DKA: CC1024-1033

Wheel arrangement 2-6-6-0
Year 1910-1911
Gauge 1000 mm
Heated surface 138.4 m2
Grate area 2.04 m2
Max boiler pressure 12 bar
Cylinders 2 hp + 2 lp
Cylinder diam 340 mm / 520 mm
Stroke 510 mm
Diam. drivers 1102 mm
Water 6 m3
Fuel 2.2 t
Weight (operational) 63 t
Length 12,700 mm
Speed 50 km/h
Tractive effort 6,430 kg
Design Hartmann

lFor the ever increasingly heavier traffic on the hilly lin on Java the State Railways decided to purchase articulated locomotives of the mallet type, designed by Richard Hartmann in Chemnitz. A second batch was supplied by Hartmann and Schwartzkopff, the third batch was built by Werkspoor in the Netherlands


They were typical compound engines with the low pressure engines on the front driver unit.

A hallmark of these engines was prolonged watertanks over the entire length of the boiler. The engines were fitted a Riggenbach brake system.
















CC1009 in 1980, no further details. Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.


CC1007 arriving in Garut, 1980. Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.


Mallets 5001 and 1007 at Garut, 1980. Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.


O wow, some one did a very good job with his camera. Respect! Photo from Flickr with kind permission of ©degahk.