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NMVB, 850-851

Locomotive data
Builder Société Anonyme St. Leonard, Liege, Belgium
Builder's number(s) 2121 and 2140


Wheel arrangement 0-6-0+0-6-0
Year 1928 and 1929
Gauge 1000 mm
Heated area 103 m2
Grate area 2.0 m2
Max boiler pressure 14 kg/m2
Cylinders 4
Cylinder diam 360 mm
Stroke 350 mm
Diam. drivers 850 mm
Weight (operational) 60 ton
Tractive effort 11.000 kg appr.

The Belgian Nationale Maatschappij van Buurtspoorwegen (NMVB) operated an extensive tramway network in Belgium. It owned two Garratts, road numbers 850-851, weighing 60 tons. The Garratts could haul a tram of 350 tons. Their main purpose was hauling goods trams. They were the last steam locomotives ordered by the NMVB. The two Garratts ran occasionally on the NMVB tramway line Maaseik (Belgium)-Weert (Netherlands). These Garratts consequently operated in the Netherlands albeit under Belgian ownership. The lines to the Netherlands were closed in the mid-thirties. What happened to these locomotives during their further operational lives is unknown to me. If anyone can shed ight on that subject please contact me.

Photos of these Garratts in the Netherlands soil are rare, I have seen one once but I have not been able to retrace it yet.

Interesting photo: with the service hatches open to give acess to the motion


A typical environment for this Garatt: in Belgium in front of a goods tram


The NMVB Garratt on what looks like a builder's photo (source: G. Hamilton's Garratt website)


NMVB 850-851, fully enclosed and typically Belgian tram design properties.

I found all photos on internet forums. I may infringe on copyright. If some one feels owner of these photos please contact me.


For those among you interested in railway models, I stumbled over a kit of the loco at the 2010 Mechelen Expo (Belgium) by Jocadis at a price of €350


Gavin Hamilton's comprehensive Garratt site

Dutch Wikipedia on NMVB

The Terminal, Standard Steam Locomotives by J.D.H. Smith

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