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Klien-Lindners built by Du Croo & Brauns

Built in Builder's no Total Powerclass
1922 6-10 5 75hp
1923 11-12 2 75hp
1924 21-26, 39, 41 8 75hp
  27-29 3 90hp
1925 40, 53 2 75hp
  60, 64, 67-72 8 80hp
  62-63, 80-81, 84 5 90hp
1926 87, 104 2 80hp
  105-106 2 75hp
1927 129, 136-137 3 75hp
  131 1 90hp
1928 140, 154 2 90hp
  172 1 100hp
1930 194 1 100hp
1937 240, 259 2 100hp
  Total 47  

Very much like the mallets the Klien-Lindners appear to have been of one basic design varying mostly in appliances to meet customer demands. All had 650mm drivers but the last three (700mm). All principle dimensions (length, width, height) were the same for all engines.

Yet the population of 47 is somewhat more heterogenous than the mallets.

  • There were essentially three power classes, 75-80, 90 and 100hp. The various power classes were built intermixed over an extended period of time and not succesively as with the mallets.
  • Like the mallets 700mm gauge was dominant but unlike the mallets the mallets were also built to other gauges: 7 to 600mm, 3 to 670mm,
    1 to 720mm and 1 to 750, so twelve in total.
  • Though most engines were built with 245 mm cylinders, there were four other cylinder diameters

Seven engines were provided with an auxiliary tender


Like the mallets the Klien-Lindners had extremely long working lives, some of them being recorded as recent as 2006. I guess by now all steam activity will have ceased.

Klien-Lindner were reputed bad runners. The swivelling axles tended to have a life of their own. Unsteady running at higher speeds and being prone to derailment were the faults. Du Croo & Brauns interconnected both KL axles stabilizing each other and so improving running behaviour.

Du Croo and Brauns 0-8-0T at Tersana Baru in 2002. The tender is not originally supplied by the manufacturer.
It looks very much like a later home brewn contraption
Photo courtesy ©


Du Croo & Brauns 0-8-0T No.11 stands at the top of the mill yard during a pause from shunting duties in 2004.

Photo courtesy: ©David Longman


The still working Du Croo & Brauns 0-8-0T No.10 seen at the rear of Sumberharjo mill in August 2006.

Photo courtesy: ©David Longman